Opportunities at ITER Organization

Sr.No Reference No. Title Date of Issue Due date Documents
1 IO/22/CFT/10023865/ERA Call for Nomination for Quarter ICRH Antenna Prototype manufacturing & Final series production IO22CFT10023865ERA_web.zip
2 IO22CFT70000853LIY Call for Nomination for Framework Contract for CPSS Commissioning Assistance and Maintenance Services IO22CFT70000853LIY_web.zip
3 PIN for IO Call for Expertise (CFE) Reference: IO/22/CFE/10023956/MKI Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) for “Coordination support to design update of heat and imaging diagnostics located in equatorial ports impacted by DMS PIN for IO22CFE10023956MKI_web.zip
4 PIN for IO Call for Expertise (CFE) Reference: IO/22/CFE/10023995/CPT Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) for “Diagnostics Technical Follow Up and Progress Monitoring” PIN_IO22CFE10023995CPT_web.zip
5 IO Call for Expertise (CFE) Reference: IO/22/CFE/10023893/MKI Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) for “Mechanical engineering support for DMS and diagnostics integration in Equatorial Port #08 and #17” PIN for IO22CFE10023893MKI_web.zip
6 IO/22/CFE/10023613/CPT Call for Expertise for Mechanical engineering for diagnostics in buildings IO22CFE10023613CPT_web.zip
7 Call for Expertise No. IO/22/CFE/10023847/MKI Diagnostic Interface Engineering IO22CFE10023847MKI_web.zip
8 IO/22/CFE/10023613/CPT Extension of due date - CFE for Mechanical engineering for diagnostics in buildings Extension of due date.pdf
9 Call for Nomination No. IO22CFT70000860JGO WS1072602812 -Framework Supply Contract for TCWS Solenoid Mounting Boxes IO22CFT70000860JGO_WEB.zip
10 IO Tender Reference: IO/22/OT/70000844/KJT Prior Indicative Notice (PIN) for “LOTO and electrical commissioning activities support” IO22OT70000844KJT_web.zip
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