A Neutron Activation Analysis Code

Developed at ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research

Invited talk by Dr P V Subhash on ACTYS Project at International conference on high energy radiation, Place: MS University, Baroda, India, Date: 12-Oct-2017

ACTYS is an indigenous multi-purpose neutron nuclear activation code tailored for fusion and non-multiplying media, developed by the Neutronics group at ITER-INDIA, Institute for Plasma Research(IPR).

Vision: The ACTYS project has been initiated at IPR to achieve self-reliance in nuclear analysis of fusion facilities & systems, and to develop advanced techniques and methods for global fusion neutronics community.

Usefulness: It is useful for fusion activation studies, gamma source generation, radioisotope decay studies and waste management classification.

Working Engine: It determines the activation, through transmutation and decay, of any material irradiated by neutrons. ACTYS solves coupled Bateman transmutation-decay ODE system using analytical linear chain solution method. New algorithmic modifications, accelerating techniques and better convergence criteria are developed in-house to achieve accuracy without sacrificing speed.

Output: The code provides information on inventories with detailed pathways and radiological parameters such as activity, contact dose, decay heat, gamma source spectra, parent contributing factors and other related radiological parameters.

Validation: It has been validated on wide range of problems viz decay studies, IAEA activation benchmark, ITER fusion materials, and including extensive element-wise validation.

Whats new: New chain weighing algorithm, exponential convergence, ability to use any ENDF-6 data file, analytical treatment of sensitivity, Doppler treatment, parent contributing factors

What next: Initially developed as a point code, it has been further incorporated and evolved into a fast and accurate 3-D nuclear activation code named ACTYS-1-GO.

Distribution: ACTYS will soon be launched by IPR through a national workshop. Further details will be posted on this website shortly.