A Neutron Activation Analysis Code

Developed at ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research

ACTYS Project > History


Around early 2015, a short exercise began within ITER-INDIA, Institute for Plasma Research for developing a small computer program ‘IAAC’ to solve simplified Bateman equations for radioisotopes within fusion activated materials. The initial success gave a stronger impetus and a comprehensive work began on developing a state-of-the-art nuclear activation code. From then to now, the small program has bloomed into a fully-functional multi-featured code, named ACTYS. It is architectured using advanced numerical techniques and algorithm. ACTYS has been developed as a part IPR’s aim to achieve self-reliance in nuclear analysis of fusion facilities and systems. ACTYS is in-line and stands neck to neck in its performance and capabilities with other internationally available codes like FISPACT-2007, ALARA, ACAB, ORIGEN etc.

Initially developed as a point nuclear activation code, soon plans were made to extend ACTYS into an accurate and fast multi-point 3D nuclear activation solver for large fusion facilities and reactors. The ACTYS project was thus conceived which now includes a doctoral student within the program. Much work has been achieved in this regard and a 3-D nuclear activation code named ACTYS-1-GO is currently under-testing and further development.