In the memory of Dr. Bernard Bigot Director General ITER organization 2015-2022

Event Description


Dr. Bernard Bigot

The news of passing away of Dr. Bernard Bigot came as a shock to all of us who have been working under his able leadership for over seven years to realize the dream of demonstrating fusion as an alternate energy source. Dr. Bigot was a great visionary, extremely gentle, well organized and had this unending ability to discuss and resolve problems amicably keeping ITER interests. His skills as a leader were immaculate which is amply visible in the progress that ITER has made under his leadership. We at ITER-India express our heartfelt condolences to the family members of Dr. Bigot. He will be missed in the years to come as a true leader who had prioritized work over health to ensure that ITER progresses continuously  towards achieving the goals in the shortest time frame.  

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